Big Questions

1. Animal Sacrifices
Since animal sacrifices are a major part of the Torah, and sacrifices were offered before the Torah in Genesis, though we have Yeshua's death as an offering for sin (Isaiah 53:10), is there still a place for animal sacrifices? (Matt 5:17-19 says to keep the Torah).

2. Justice of Torah
Should the ideal government first proclaim that all should rest on the seventh day and keep the Torah, and then in due time should they enforce the death penalties of the torah, including death for breaking sabbath?

3. Levitical vs. Melchizedekan Priesthoods
I came across Jeremiah 33:20-22, which says if day and night cease, then the covenant can be broken with the Levites. Day and night are still here, so where is the levitical priesthood? Hebrews says (7:12) that the priesthood has been changed from Levitical to Melchizedekan and there is a change in Law. Jesus is spoken of as a priest in the order of Melchizedek - Psalm 110:4, but if Jeremiah says that as long as there is day and night, the covenant with the Levites stands, then should both orders of priesthood be in operation today? Levitical for the earth, Melchizedekan for the heavens?

4. A Renewed Israel
Yeshua says that in the regeneration, His 12 disciples will rule over the 12 tribes of Israel. Will this restored Israel exist in the New Heavens and the New Earth, or in the millenium before the New Earth, or? Also, will the 10 lost tribes be gathered back to the Land of Israel at some point?

5. Rapture or Protection?
Will we be raptured to heaven before tribulation hits earth, or will we be protected on earth from it?

6. Time Sensitive Parts of Torah
What parts of the Torah were time-sensitive to Israel at that time, and what still applies to us today? For example, people excluded from the congregation, versus John 3:16.

7. Fulfillment of the Fall Feasts
How do you think the fall feasts will be fulfilled in the future, if in any way?