Free Chord Charts

I'm a songwriter, and you can listen to my music under MUSIC section on this site, and then if you want to play the songs, look for the chord charts below! More will be added progressively...

Album: Exalt YHWH:
Chord charts to come...
Album: Every Tribe Every Tongue:
Chord charts to come...
Album: Baruch HaShem:
Psalm 23 (Mizmor Kaf Gimmel)
Album: Beloved:
Chord charts to come...
Album: Songs from the Heart (listen here):
1. The Heart of Gold
2. When I Realized
3. Somehow
4. Open Heart
5. God So Loved
6. I Forgive You
10. Machul
11. Dream (The God-Man)
12. Love Is...
13. Ask, Seek, Knock
14. Hope
15. He Leadeth Me

Other songs:
Yeshua, Yeshua