About Greg

I grew up in a wholesome Christian family in Colorado til 3rd grade, then Texas til 10th grade, then Colorado again to finish out high school. Then I went to the University of Oklahoma after getting accepted to their Music Composition program. I ended up transferring to Oklahoma Wesleyan University where I finished out my college, getting a BA in Music, with a piano emphasis (with classical piano and voice recital)...

It was in high school that I felt compelled to really turn to God and forsake sin, and that I did, by His grace. Later in college I went through a spiritual "eclipse" - many questions popping up coming between me and God. On March 30th, 2011, I had a very special experience where it was like God was right in front of me, and I felt an intense fatherly love and felt like I could literally weep forever. That took away questions. I proceeded to have an intimate walk with Him, praying daily.

Towards the end of college I was just reading Matthew 5 during my devotional time, and I read about Yeshua (Jesus) not abolishing the Law, and the Law remaining as long as heaven and earth are here, and those who keep it being called great in the kingdom of Heaven!! Thus, I began to observe Friday sundown to Saturday sundown sabbath - not to be called great, but to do what is right. It's been a special time of rest and closeness with Yah (God's short name). From there, I have just continued to seek His face and His will and study the Scriptures, growing in understanding concerning various topics such as the Biblical feasts, Gentiles grafted into a Jewish olive tree, and more support for honoring the Torah in the New Testament.