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Hananiel's Quest
I am in the process of editing my completed novel, "Hananiel's Quest", and will be self-publishing or seeking another publisher for it in the near future.

Summary: Hananiel’s Quest begins in the city of Jerusalem with Hananiel, a 27 year old believer in Yeshua (Jesus) who attends a Messianic Jewish congregation in Jerusalem. He is hungry to do the will of the Father, to draw near to God, and his prayers lead to God leading him in a very special way that leads to him touring Israel in a band, performing worship music and sharing ancient Hebrew scrolls newly discovered from an archaeological dig. He faces opposition, but the Spirit is working in Israel and Jews are becoming open to Yeshua. Along the way, you will see the Shabbat (Sabbath) kept and celebrated, as well as the biblical feasts which have prophetic significance in Yeshua – (He is the Passover lamb, and the Spirit came at Shavuot (Pentecost). Hananiel’s Quest corrects the idea that the Law is done away with (see Matt. 5:17-19, Rom. 3:31, Rom. 7:7, 7:12), and holds the Torah up in honor instead. It also explores the concept of gentiles being grafted into the Jewish olive tree (Romans 11) and being brought near to Elohim (God) no longer strangers to Him. Problems addressed are how to love enemies that persecute believers, and the problem of saying the Law has been done away with – Romans 3:31 says in light of being saved by faith, we do not abolish the law, but establish it. My message will point people toward honoring and learning from the Law of Moses instead of discarding it.

Benefits readers will take away by reading this book and applying it:

 -Get a heart for reaching Jews for Yeshua, with having respect for the Law, for the Jews were entrusted with the oracles of God.
 -Get a heart for seeking Yahweh to speak supernaturally into one’s life and direct them in ministry
 -Get a heart for missions to the nations
 -Get a heart for keeping the feasts of the LORD with their prophetic significance
 -See an example of loving family life – Hananiel, his young wife and the kids they take care of at their Children’s home

So I invite you to quest with Hananiel and see where his quest will take him, from touring America declaring the gospel, to working in England with a congregation and pioneering a Children’s home. See all that he and his friends accomplish with the help of the Almighty, and ultimately what price he is willing to pay for the Faith in the end.

To read a sample, check out the first six chapters: Hananiel's Quest: Chapters 1-6

The Land of Halandas
Soon to be posted here will be fictional story episodes of The Land of Halandas, a fictional kingdom similar to Israel. Stay posted.