Bought With A Price Music is myself, Greg Wilson - a one-man band for now, whose main instruments are piano, guitar and voice. I seek to capture truths about our Creator, His Son, and His ways via the medium of song, including lots of use of Scripture. I have produced 7 official albums so far. (See the music section of this site to listen to and purchase music.)

I grew up in Texas and Colorado in a conservative Christian home. In high school I really forsook and repented of sin and started walking in the light. In college, I began digging deeper and I had many foundational questions I wrestled with. It was as if a cloud came in front of the sun (my unanswered questions coming between me and God) and so amidst college work I cried out to God secretly, asking Him to show me answers - How do we know we can trust the Bible? What about Islam? Etc etc...

It was on March 30th, 2011 that I had a life-changing experience that broke through my haze and connected me to the Father (God) in an intimate way. I was reading an email from my dad in the college library about how he missed me and it was like God used that to just completely open up my heart and let me FEEL His deep deep love. I went to the bathroom and literally felt like I could weep forever. Questions about the Bible, et cetera, faded away.

Since then, I have just sought to follow God and talk to Him frequently like with a friend and learn more about Him.

Towards the end of my time in college, I was just reading Matthew in my daily devotions, and I came across Matthew 5:17-19. This talks about how Jesus didn't come to abolish the Law, and how whoever KEEPS its commandments will be called great in the Kingdom of God! Not that I pridefully wanted to be 'great', but if keeping the Law was a good thing, then I wanted to do it. Thus I decided to start keeping the 4th commandment of the 10 commandments - resting on the Sabbath - Friday night to Saturday night.

Since then I have been exposed to many ideologies of the Messianic movement and the Hebrew Roots movement, and amidst all the contradictory views, I am seeking the Father's will and doctrine to guide me. I find completely rejecting Protestant Christianity to be uncalled for - there are many HEARTFELT believers in the Savior who are sincerely seeking to love and follow God in Christian churches. Yes there are pagan symbols that are not good - Christmas trees, easter eggs, Sun-day as the sabbath, yet Yah will call His people and the elect will walk righteously.

So here I am, Greg Wilson a.k.a. Bought With A Price Music, seeking to proclaim to all who will listen about the Creator of the World, His DEEP DEEP love, His righteous statutes, and His salvation, Yeshua, Jesus.

If you would like to book me to speak or share music, please contact me:

Greg Wilson